Mar 16 2012

5 Years of Xadara: Part 1

So, here we are. 5 years ago today, I sat down with a friend and registered the domain 5 years ago I made the decision to set up a top-level domain presence on the internet.

I don’t honestly know how I came up with the name. I know I wanted something unique… something I could not only easily score a .com name with, but also be easy to remember.

Xadara came off the top of my head.. I don’t know if I had originally came up with the name for, or if I had made it for my Maple Story character (yeah, I played it back then. That is another story though…) but whatever case, I know I liked the way it sounded, the fact it could be typed on a standard US keyboard with just the left hand, in a simple pattern, and that it had an ethnically-ambiguous sound to it.

All it was for, was to host my dance simulation video game “KuriMix”, and, with some forum software, to act as a community away from the chaos of the normal websites I was trafficking back then.

Otherwise, I had no real plans, and no idea what I would do with the site…  and had no idea of the chaos that was to come in hosting….

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