Mar 17 2012

5 Years of Xadara: Part 2

It was Thanksgiving, 2007. KuriMix 1st and 2nd gen had been released for a short while now, and Xadara was gaining popularity as a community. Small, but vibrant forums, with new members every few days. It was pretty cool, really…

Until I woke up that cold November morning. I awake to find my hosting service canceled.

Now, let me back up a bit here: the hosting that I used back then was NOT Hostgator, my current hosting solution: It was a site called “Prolink” which, as far as anyone can tell, is actually a reseller of, of all things, Hostgator shared hosting services. One guy, running it like a business, for the ultra attractive “$10 a year” price.

Well, like all things, it proved too good to be true: that morning, he nuked the site for what was officially no reason, except a general TOS violation. Nope, nothing was specified.

Up until January 2008, the xadara domain went to virtually nothing.. a few test sites on free hosts were done, but nothing was as usable as an actual, proper host. So, with the help from a now-former friend, we purchased a hosting plan on Hostgator.

Xadara continued on for several more years as simply forums. I would go through 2008, with the site entering its 2nd year of life, without doing any major tweaks. I simply enjoyed the storage, and continued to work on my KuriMix game series. I had no idea what I wanted to do with the site, to branch it out, but I knew I DID want to do something major. It would just be a matter of time.

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