Mar 06 2012

A little retrospective is a good thing…

Recently, I have been listening to music that I listened to back a decade ago, when I was in High School.  Many of these bands I have not really listened to since then, so it was refreshing, in a way to go back to familiar tracks that I was not burnt out on listening to.

While listening to, or more correctly, watching music videos from artists like Mudvayne, System of a Down, and Rob Zombie, it hit me: as odd and “unique” as I felt back then, for liking such groups, I was actually VERY in-the-scene at the time. Even though I didn’t have money to buy albums, I would still watch MTV and get burned CD’s from friends (a luxury back then, in this era when the iPod was JUST coming into existence.)

I find it funny, just to think about how much I love these songs, how much they mean to me, and how things have changed.. but also, how they have stayed the same. Yes, plenty of times, I look and think “did I really like THAT stuff?” and then, I think back to those times, and understand why perfectly.

It’s funny. I still seem to have many of the same traits I did way back in 1999. I don’t think that’s a bad thing: staying young on the inside, keeping in touch with our youth, is possibly one of the more critical aspect of life.

At the same time though, I find myself growing more resistant to change. I am getting older, and I really do need to accept that fact. At the same time, I need to try to stay young at heart, and adapt to what I can, and learn to enjoy more things.

Also, I doubt I will ever get past certain aspects of my youth. I will always be a nostalgic fool.. but to me, such isn’t living in the past, but is a person bringing the best parts of their past, into the present, to make the future that much better for them.

Just because something is old, doesn’t mean it’s bad. Just because you liked a song a decade ago doesn’t mean you shouldn’t rock it now, just as you did back then.

Just don’t live in the past. Don’t ignore the current world.

I know, people might not expect much in the way of deep posts from me, but in all honesty, I think about things like this way more than I would ever post here on Xadara.

Thank you for reading this particular entry, and have an awesome day, all of you.


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