Jul 19 2013

A Moving Experience

I don’t normally talk about my personal life on here, save for the occasional fact that would make for an interesting article. Otherwise, I keep mostly to myself, and only write about things I like, rather than things that happen to me.

Sometimes, however, an experience warrants an article. Like, without warning, moving to a new house.

This would be one of those cases. Over the past month, due to some rather sudden events, I have moved to a new house, which provides me much more space (read: my previous room was also used as long-term storage), and a much faster internet connection that before. This will allow me to actually work on multimedia projects, upload more photos, and do who knows what else. Bandwidth is kind of critical for any kind of bulk photo or video work, isn’t it?

Of course, moving meant me going a week and a half without an internet connection here, meaning I had to hop back and forth between the old place and the new one to actually get online, which was really only long enough to do some light gaming, and some social networking. I even let Triberr posts slip behind, not having time to queue them up, let alone write new articles for this website. It was a slightly chaotic time period, you could say.

Between going back to classic gaming during the minimal-internet lull, and finally getting the bulk of my PC hardware moved over last weekend, my room has become somewhat of a mad scientists lab. Equipment all over, actually being used. Cameras, flash drives, laptops, and who knows what else strewn around in apparent chaos, all actually just waiting to be put back into action.  I actually like it this way, versus the cramped conditions I was in previously. Conditions which limited my work to one-project-over-time methods.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about my old house and room, but it wasn’t the best for how I operate.

With all that being said, this really in some ways is a pointless post. It mostly serves to say “hey, guess what, I haven’t disappeared!” I still have articles about Anime Blues Con 3 and Cosplay Photography to write, I still have many many photos to upload to DevaintArt and Facebook, and I have untold new projects to start on over the next few months.

Call it a new dawn, if you will. I call it a chance to be at my most creative.

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  1. Sometimes the universe just seems to know what you need … like a move! Enjoy your new home! 🙂

    1. It really does seem like that, as this was perfect timing in many more ways than what I listed here!

      Thank you very much for both your well wishes, and the comment!

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