Nov 29 2016

A Quick Tech Support Scam Video – Windows 8 With 480MB Of Ram!

Lewis’s Tech is somewhat of a legend among the anti-scammer community, and this video can quickly show you some reasons why. I’m sharing it not just for how fun this one is, but how quick it is to watch, at only 10 minutes, it goes over quite a bit.

We have the usual remote support tools being used, with Lewis using wireshark, a network data tool, to find the scammers location in India (of course!). Next up is the usual tree command (a “system scam” as Lewis calls it, the scammer not catching the detail) resulting in the usual, hand typed messages about firewall damage and viruses found. Pause the video there, at 5:15 in and take a serious look at the spelling errors in the hand typed message. It’s crazy that people even believe this crap!

Note that suddenly, in the middle of the video the scammer tries to load up the camera to view who it is on the other end. They often try to do this when they see it’s a virtual machine, or someone calls them out on their scam. It’s probably done as an intimidation trick: of course, these idiots don’t realize that you aren’t going to access a camera on a Virtual Machine, and that we would probably have such turned off on our real machines anyway, if connected at all (mine stays unplugged unless I’m using it) so, whatever impact they think it will have is lost.

By the end, Lewis calls them out anyway, with them hanging up on him over and over. Eventually, though, he gets someone who will talk with him, someone who insults him, claiming he doesn’t have a real job and lives off of food stamps, etc, common attempts to insult scambaiters – they act like those who go against these scammers have no lives, when in reality, these videos themselves are almost their own business, let alone the other jobs these people do have.

What you have to love is how the guy says such empty threats as “this is a recorded line, I’m sending it to the FBI” like that’s any kind of threat – even if they did all it would result in is a cast against the scammer for blatantly known scamming tactics.

Lastly, worth mentioning, is the classic “if you were good with computers you would know how to fix this” when there is no issue with the system – it’s set up as bait! I don’t understand where these guys get their insults from, but they don’t work. They just don’t work.



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