Jul 30 2017

A Reminder: I Don’t Hate SpaceX, I Just Hate How Some Fans Behave About It

Tossing this article up since someone, somewhere is going to accuse me of this (get used to it, I feel I’m going to have to say this quite often) :

I do not hate SpaceX. I am actually quite enthusiastic about what they do, and what plans they have, but at the same time am as critical and realistic in my thoughts on such as I am with most anything.

I don’t have a problem with fans of SpaceX inherently – indeed, I would call myself a fan – but I do have problems with the constant attitudes they present, the arrogance with which they comment on not just SpaceX subjects, but also United Launch Alliance, NASA, and Roskosmos content. The hostility some fans bring is akin to that of religious zealotry, with Elon Musk as the supreme being and any and all criticism of such is seen as some supreme heresy!

I cannot stand such attitudes in any discussion, be it about space, gaming, movies, tv, you name it. It’s tribalism at its finest and has no basis in logic, something you would think fans of space and science would focus heavily on.

I should have to explain this, but of course, inevitably, it will come up, so I’m just nipping it in the bud while I can.

No, I won’t stop sharing this photo, because it so perfectly encompasses the very point I make constantly.

So, as you read my many, many articles on the subject, keep in mind where I’m coming from: I like what they do, I just hate the fucking attitudes that come from the fans. You’re behaving like children arguing over whether the Sega Genesis or the Super Nintendo is “Better” missing the entire fucking point of every single post, and starting unnecessary drama with regards to space to a point where many people are actually starting to have a negative opinion of  SpaceX simply due to its fan base.

Grow up. This is an effort where multiple approaches, companies, ideas, and goals all benefit one another. No company is perfect. Each is different and has things it excels in that the others do not. Quit your stupid ass comments on every post – if it isn’t SpaceX related, then just shut the fuck up, and if it is, at least be realistic about your thoughts.

If you can carry on a decent discussion about them, then good, I like you, and I’d love to talk about things with you. If you seem to think they are perfection incarnate, and everything else is terrible because they don’t re-fly boosters or don’t have Mars plans, then go back under the rock you crawled out from under. I’ve got no time for your zealotry (beyond these jabs, which trend well, hence why I even write them.)

Seriously, if you buy hype this easily, I’ve got some oceanfront property in Arizona you would just love!

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