May 07 2017

A Weekend Away From Things

I took the opportunity this weekend, though not by original intent, to work on other things, away from Xadara: namely the day jobs, and just going out and enjoying some things. I’m well beyond behind on articles, and video making, but that’s fine; the previous few articles have trended quite well, for what they are, and have been steady enough for me to take some time to myself to not *have* to publish to keep views up, a bane of my blogging existence.


As long time readers will know, I do take random breaks when I either don’t feel like writing, get busy with other things, or just plain forget to – hey, it does happen – and that I will come back to things soon enough.

Speaking of things soon enough, on the agenda we have a double-run of AVGN episode reviews, more Game Players Gametapes to take a look at, and more social commentary on both gaming and general trends, mostly in retail and related subjects.

On the video front, I have a few new videos on the YouTube channel, and I may share those on here soon enough, but there are better videos coming soon.

Beyond that though, more of the same, but it’s more of the same that works for me, and for those who come to the site. I’ve got plenty in store, so as always, stay tuned.. which makes no sense for a website but hey, don’t question it and you will be fine!

Catch you later today!

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