Oct 24 2016

About Today…

Right now it’s almost 3AM on October 25th, and I’m beginning this mini-article, which will be retroactively dated to the 24th, just to keep up with the perfect month of at least one-a-day posts I’ve been doing October. WordPress is great like that, you can just fudge things if need be.

Today has been quite a day, and I was too busy to actually crank out any of the content I intended to – I pretty much spent the entire day out, dealing with both business and pleasure, including some nice thrifting finds (I really should write about those, as well as do more videos on that type of content) alongside helping a friend with some things. Hey, I got his old computer out of the deal, so that’s cool, right?

Ah, it’s been a day to reflect. Sure, it’s a day I’ve been lied to my face about something major (possibly more on that soon, depending on how it all goes. Gotta love suspense, right?) but also a day to spend time with a friend who I haven’t seen in a while and reflecting on how that friendship began (artists tend to recognize one another, especially when they draw unique things 😉 ) and all in all, it was one of those days, the kind we all need every once in a while.

Yeah, I should be asleep. I’ll be heading to bed soon. Are my plans for today completely shot? Sure. Do I feel the day was wasted? Not at all. Sometimes, that’s just what happens, and when it happens like today, that’s fine. Let it come. Tomorrow I’ll wake up ready to take on the 25 other things I need to do without issue, because, hey, one day off schedule isn’t going to kill me, right?

I needed this. Tomorrow, more crazy video game / space / halloween madness, but for now, a little personal reflection (albeit very vague and full of parentheses) about the past 24 hours.

Thanks for reading. Catch you tomorrow.

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