Just as the tagline suggests, Xadara.com is “A geeky little blog about nothing particular.”

However, Xadara itself is much more than that. It is a personal brand for all that I create, and more than that, it is a personal philosophy of being true to ones self in all endeavors. It is the idea you, as a person, should never be afraid or ashamed of your thoughts, opinions, or actions, if you truly believe in them.

Long ago, this site was dedicated to discussion, and even more so, to music based video games. That’s what I loved a decade ago, but that was a scene that, like many, didn’t appreciate those who stood against the status quo; those who expressed dissenting opinion were quickly hushed. It sounds silly, but in the heated discussions and downright hatred I faced for simply disagreeing with common opinion sharpened me. I’ve always been one to express myself, but at this point, I had had enough of it.

An opinion cannot be right or wrong. Sadly, it seems a majority of the internet does not understand this whatsoever. They feel their opinions are truly factual, and to disagree with them is to disagree with reality, which is simply not the case. That didn’t stop people from getting offended that I dared to disagree.

Slowly, I would finally realize that I should go ahead and say what I think. It’s amazing how long the confidence took to come through, but that’s how life is for some of us, sometimes. Eventually, though, it came, and I stopped holding back. Between YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and of course, this page, I started to say what I thought, at least about subjects I felt others may find interesting, or, on the opposite end, things that filled niche interests.

I simply say what I think, like it or not. I’m not anything special, and aside from some comedic uses, I never claim to be. I am simply one man who shares thoughts on what he likes. I make videos, write long articles, or throw a quick thought out there on any issue I feel.

Welcome to Xadara. Welcome to my world.new avatar

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