Jun 06 2017

Aerial Bombs: Method of Loading Bombs – 1941 US Army Air Corps Training Film

Considering today is June 6th, the 73rd Anniversary of the D-Day invasion of Nazi Occupied Europe, I think it would be a fine day to share a few World War 2 related informational videos; in this case, a film showing the process of how bombs are loaded onto a B-17 bomber.

I never thought there was this much to it! The wire mechanism for “safing” bombs while in flight, among so many other nuances of delivering this artillery, is so simple, but so ingenious.

The B-17 Flying Fortress was the primary bomber used by the United States during World War 2, delivering up to 4,800 lbs of explosives deep into the heart of occupied Europe. Later supplanted by the much larger B-29 Superfortress, the latter still arrived quite late into the war, making the B-17 a true workhorse in the war effort.

Enough talk about bombers though, as always, enjoy the video. More to come.

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