Aug 02 2016

An Assortment of Apollo 15 Videos

45 years ago today, Apollo 15 was deep in its mission.By the time it was all over, the crew had spent 4 days at the moon, conduction research from both orbit and from the surface, including the missions most famous moment where a falcon feather and a hammer were dropped in the effective vacuum of the lunar atmosphere, and both fell at the same time, perfectly demonstration the properties of gravity as proposed by Galileo.

Hours of footage were recorded from the lunar surface, from orbit, and during the transit to and from the Moon. As you may know, I love to collect together such videos, where available, and share them with those who might find such interesting. This is one of those posts.

Grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy.


In this video, we have a compilation of much of the footage from the mission, including launch, lunar activities, and the return to Earth:


In this clip, we have a portion of the mission from the point of view of the Lunar Rover:


Here we have a bit of amazing footage, the actual liftoff from the lunar surface, filmed via the camera on the lunar rover, spliced with onboard footage from the LM Ascent Stage – if you look carefully you can actually see the Decent Stage in that footage as they climb back towards orbit!



Lastly, for those who want the long haul, so to speak, here is a playlist of all of the lunar surface from the Apollo 15 mission!


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