Jun 23 2016

An Odd Quirk About Halo 3 Game Saves

So, I’ve been playing Halo 3 recently. Both on the Xbox One, via The Master Chief Collection, and the original Xbox 360 release from 2007. It’s a fun game, sure, and since I own a copy, why not go ahead and play through it on the 360 as well as the Xbox One, right? It’s really, mainly, because I happen to have an Xbox 360 set up at my computer desk, so, I can game from right where I am sitting now.

Now, with an Xbox Live Gold subscription, you get access to cloud based game saves, which lets you go from one console to another without needing to bring a USB flash drive, or any other storage, with you. It’s a good idea and for the most part it works perfectly fine, moving from the Xbox One to the 360, or from 360 console to 360.

That is, until you try to load up Halo 3.


If you aren’t on the same console the game save was made on and try to play your previous game save, the level will load, and if you even make it into gameplay you will see what looks like multiplayer loading up, and then… boom. Back to the main menu.

This happens no matter what to me, if I move the save via USB, or cloud save. It’s even worse than I actually, due to thinking the save might have downloaded incorrectly, lost my game progress. Turns out I don’t have to start over, as at least the game still knows where I was last up to in the campaign, but still, it’s an odd, quite annoying flaw.

The main reason I’m playing through anyway is simply for the main achievements, completing the story and all. I’m going to presume I will be able to get the campagne completion achievement even after starting fresh from a later area, but if not, then I guess oh well. It isn’t that critical but I like to have at least completed the game on any console that I own it on.

I just found this odd and worth bringing up. I have only found one other post about this issue online, so I don’t know if it’s something odd about my setup, or if Halo 3 is so old that no one has actually noticed this happen. Not that many people actually play on multiple consoles, anyway.

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  1. That does sound like quite an odd bug, maybe its because not many people ever import their saves and therefore it went unnoticed. Hope it gets fixed though even if it doesn’t seem that important.

    1. Yeah, it really seems age let this one slip by. It is probably a protection method against game save editing from way back when that is now showing a nasty side effect.

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