Jun 08 2017

An Update On XadaraCast

So, you may recall that Podcast I was working on late last year, titled XadaraCast (yeah, not the most original name, sure). Well, as it stands, I’ve taken down the only 3 episodes that were produced and am putting the project on Hiatus, for now, for a general reboot.

The reasons are varied, but it mainly stems from a lack of feeling of quality in what was produced, and the lack of time to really work on new episodes. There is the issue of the podcast plugin I was using breaking as well, but that’s more of an annoyance that can easily be solved. The other, deeper issues, well, those aren’t as easily solved..

I’ve certainly thought about ways to make it work, but without going into complexities, and presuming a “best of” situation, all I can think of is doing short, quick weekly wrapups of whatever subjects I would want to cover, and just releasing it as it is – if I have a co-host, cool. If not, oh well, go it alone.

Of course, considering how much traffic it would get (or what it wouldn’t get, being honest with myself and the nature of the internet) it seems like it would be better to just hold off for now, until a better time.

So, in the odd event you liked the podcast, do let me know, but as it stands now, don’t expect anything new for the time being. We will see how things go in the future.

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