May 19 2017

Angry Video Game Nerd Episode 14: The Power Glove – Episode Review

Following off the heels of the Nightmare On Elm Street review, the Nerd takes a look at the “ultimate” Nintendo Entertainment System accessory – The Power Glove!

This episode also marks a turning point in the series – this is where James last used the “Angry Nintendo Nerd” name that the original episodes had, and changes it to the “Angry Video Game Nerd” to broth represent a broadening of the review material,. as well as to avoid possible legal issues with Nintendo (a smart move, if you ask me)

Anyway, on to the review, in this episode James comically demonstrates the Power Glove, an alternate controller idea produce by Mattel for the NES. While a good concept, the glove just doesn’t work correctly for him: blame age, blame a lack of caring, or a lack of detailed knowledge, or just poor design, it really doesn’t matter – the fact remains for some people the glove works, and for others, it doesn’t, and in this case, it most certainly doesn’t work well for the Nerd.

From Metroid to Castlevania, from Top Gun to Bubble Bobble, the Nerd tries game after game, sometimes with hilarious results: other times, it just begs the question of why?

Something to watch out for are the references to the film “The Wizard”. I won’t spoil them here, but they should be obvious to anyone familiar with the film.

Final Rating: 4.5/5

This episode is the first of the kinds I like where James actually explains and demonstrates things (for what it’s worth, anyway) more than just conducts a typical review. Quick pacing, simple demonstrations, and some funny reactions make this episode an odd gem in the 1st season. The reactions just feel too genuine.

Something about it just worked right – maybe it was, for me, the fact that I wanted a Power Glove as a child, and only later would learn it was terrible – I feel like the Nerd’s reactions to the glove would be about what I would have felt as a kid, but that’s just me thinking now. Who knows. I still wouldn’t mind having one, but this isn’t about me and the Power Glove, this is about a game accessory review.

A great episode. Enjoy it.

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