Jul 30 2016

Apollo 15 Landing from PDI to Touchdown

45 Years ago today, Apollo 15 Landed at Hadley Rille on the Moon. The Crew of this J class mission, David Scott, Al Worden, and James Irwin, would spend 3 days both in orbit and on the surface studying the moon, which was, of course, the true scientific goal of the Apollo program – to learn as much about the Moon, and by extension the Earth, as we can.

In this video, we have the actual landing Apollo 15 made on the moon, from the beginning of Powered Decent to the touchdown on the lunar surface. This video, much like the video I recently shared of the Apollo 11 PDI to Touchdown, this video explains the general process, as well as explaining in real time, along with video and audio of the landing event, everything that was going on to conduct the actual landing.

Enjoy this moment in history with all the details you could want or need on just what went on to get Apollo 15 safely onto the lunar surface!

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