Mar 29 2016

April 2016 Xbox Live Games with Gold

Another month, another set of free games with an Xbox Live Gold Subscription. As before, we are taking a look at 2 games for the Xbox 360, and 2 games for the Xbox One. These games can be redeemed even if you do not own the console, and the Xbox 360 titles are playable on the Xbox One as well.

Without further explanation, let’s jump right into this months titles!

Xbox One:

The Wolf Among Us

Oh boy, another Telltale Games release! *yawn* Sorry, that was sarcasm if you can’t tell. I have a slight problem with these games, as they just don’t interest me. They are all basically the same thing, a storytelling game that is based on some other property: in this case, a comic book series. That’s not bad, in and of itself, but the games never interest me. They are probably fun enough, as they seem to be popular, but I can’t tell in the end if it is because the games themselves are good, or if the property they are based on brings a fan base. Whatever case, I won’t turn this one down, but I probably won’t install it immediately.

Sunset Overdrive

This is the big dog this month. Sunset overdrive seems like it was released just last year… which isn’t too far off, since it was a major late 2014 release. Anyway, this post apocalyptic trip of a game, all based around the idea of an energy drink mutating people, among other random elements, looked to be promising. While there is a well priced game of the year edition out there, this will be a nice option to get in and try this game, in all its glory, and if I really want the DLC, I can get that one way or another in the future.


Xbox 360:

Dead Space

A horror classic on the 360, Dead Space is a game already in my physical game library, but one I have yet to even put in my console. It’s not for lack of caring, the game looks awesome, but I just haven’t felt like it. Whatever case, even if I own a game physically, I will still redeem it just to have the option to download it and not have to bother with the disc. Plus, being able to play it on the Xbox One and record game footage is cool, be it on disc or a digital copy. As for the game itself? It looks damned nice, even with its age. I look forward to getting to it sometime in the next year and hopefully getting a nice thrill.

Saint’s Row IV

Ah, Saints Row, that Grand Theft Auto killer that kind of jumped the shark. Well, not so much kind of, it did; fully. In this release, you are the President of the United States trying to stop an alien invasion. What’s not to love? Oddly, this is another title I own physically and also have yet to put in my 360. No big, I’ll get around to it. It looks to be another top notch title, so why not?

And that’s that. Not a bad lineup this month, but funny how the 360 titles are ones I already own. As for the Xbox One releases, The Wolf Among Us should be fun to try, as I have no connection to the source material (who knows, I might love it) and Sunset Overdrive just looks like an absolute blast! We will see.

Catch you in a month for the May Games With Gold releases!

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