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Computer Chronicles

The Computer Chronicles was a weekly  PBS series about computer technology which aired from 1983 until 2002. Today, via uploads to, and later re-uploading of these episodes to YouTube, tech enthusiasts from across the world have been able to watch and enjoy this series, learning more about the computer revolution “as it happened” so to speak, instead of reading through it as historical accounts.

I enjoy sharing select episodes from the series with some general personal commentary, which you can find below. Episodes are grouped by year, with just the episode title listed. Obviously, the later you go, the more modern the technology presented. Check it all out and enjoy!

1983 Episodes

Mainframes to Minis to Micros


Storage Devices

Computer Music

Microchip Technology

Word Processing

1984 Episodes


1985 Episodes

Software Piracy

1986 Episodes

RAM Resident Software

1987 Episodes

Tax Preparation Software

Intel 386 – Life In The Fast Lane

1988 Episodes

Apple II Forever

1989 Episodes


1990 Episodes

Video Game Consoles

1991 Episodes


1992 Episodes

Build Your Own PC

1993 Episodes

The Internet

1994 Episodes

Plug and Play

1995 Episodes

Greatest Computer Games

1996 Episodes

Online Tips

1997 Episodes


1998 Episodes

Web Plugins

1999 Episodes

TV Meets PC

2000 Episodes

Computer Games and Gamers

2001 Episodes


2002 Episodes



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