Jun 13 2016

As E3 Keeps Moving Along, My Plans for Covering All The News

E3 2016 has already been quite a bit of excitement, with announcements we all expected combined with some that are coming totally out of left field.

So far I haven’t written much of anything about it simply due to me waiting for the bulk of the announcements I would care about (namely Sony and Microsoft) to be done, and for me to be able to spend some time looking everything over.

Don’t get me wrong, this years E3 has been exciting. I don’t pay attention to the as it happens live feed, but I do keep up with the goings on from twitter comments, and videos being uploaded to the official channels of some of the main groups involved.

So, tomorrow, I will begin tackling the best things I’ve seen at E3 so far, and I might do some follow up articles on side things. I’m going to try to keep things down to a few posts, but at the same time I’m not going to try to cram everything into one mega post. That isn’t how I operate (not anymore, at least.)

So, get ready. Tomorrow is going to be a MEGA stream of E3 events!

The E3 Logo, presented here to break text. Enjoy!

The E3 Logo, presented here to break text. Enjoy!

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