Apr 25 2017

Atlas V 360 Degree Launch View – Orbital ATK Cygnus CRS-7

As I mentioned in the previous articles about the Cygnus CRS-7 launch, this launch was one of the recent ones recorded using 360 degree cameras. One of the few “trendy” things I actually like, these allow you a somewhat “like you’re really there” experience without requiring expensive virtual reality gear, and without ruining the video experience like other tech (such as 3D) can.

I mentioned in the prior articles that United Launch Alliance, the company that actually owns and conducts launches of the Atlas V and Delta IV boosters, has been recording launching using 360 degree cameras for a while now, and this launch was advertised heavily to be the first “live” 360 degree launch; this ended poorly when the signal cut out upon ignition of the booster. Oops!

This video is from a different angle, and contains additional footage of the booster being prepped (including a close up of the launch platform, which I swear is the actual Titan launcher from back in the pre-Atlas V days!) It’s a pretty awesome video, not as good as the Delta IV video I’ve shared in the past, but it’s still great to watch.

As always, enjoy!

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