Jul 25 2016

August 2016 Xbox Live Games With Gold

August looks like it’s going to be an awesome month for free games from the Games With Gold program. Previous months have been hit or miss, but this month I think, depending on the kind of gamer you are, will more than make up for it.

Let’s begin!

Xbox One

Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate

The Warriors series of games have always interested me – Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors being the two main branches these games have come in over the years. They tend to feature insane, outlandish 1 vs 1000 style combat with all the button mashing frenzy you would expect with such. While they have a more reserved following when compared to other games, most everyone has at least heard of them and certainly, I think, would enjoy trying this particular release out.


Certainly the big dog this month is WWE2K16. Now, I’m not a big wrestling fan, although I liked it when I was around 12, and thanks to having many friends into it I’m somewhat up to date on it’s current goings on. That being said, I do look forward to this simply for the sake of having something different to play. Making my own characters will be fun, and the gameplay of most wrestling games is actually a style I like, thanks to how the sport works, so I would imagine myself having quite a bit of fun here. It also goes without saying the game is still current – WWE2K17 is due out later this year, meaning this is a game only about 10 months old going free – that’s freaking awesome!

Xbox 360


Spelunky, as the name suggests, is a cave exploration game. Reminiscent of H.E.R.O and Montezuma’s Revenge, classic games of the Commodore and Atari Era’s, it’s a classic 2D adventure title with procedurally generated levels, meaning every adventure will be something different. That’s just awesome!

Beyond Good and Evil HD

Last on our list this month is Beyond Good and Evil HD, the Xbox 360 version of the 2003 adventure / puzzle title where you, as Jade, try to uncover an alien wide planetary conspiracy. Originally a commercial failure, the game is held in high regard these days as a solid title. I’m looking forward for the chance to see what all the fuss is about.


There we go, another month, another set of fine titles. This looks to be quite a good month, on a whole. Enjoy, and happy gaming everyone!


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