Dec 25 2016

Baby Moses! – Chris Plays Bible Adventures on NES

Ah, what gaming YouTuber doesn’t eventually do a video on this game at some point in their career? In my case, that time is clearly now. Bible Adventures was Christian Bible themed game developed by Wisdom Tree for the NES. It’s idea is pretty straightforward – take some stories from the Bible and make a game out of them. All 3 games use the same engine and mechanic of picking up objects and carrying them to a goal, but each one does play slightly different.

Rather than do a full playthrough, I decided to focus on the most fun of the 3 games on the cartridge, Baby Moses. Now, what does this have to do with Christmas? Hardly anything! Still, as is tradition in the gaming world, I thought it would be nice to play, have some live commentary and just have some fun with.

Too bad the fun doesn’t last very long, as thanks to the design of the game, within about 10 minutes I start getting a massive headache. This happens any time I try to play this game, which means I will probably never actually be able to stand playing long enough to complete it.

Still, it’s fun to mess around with in small doses. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

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