Oct 26 2016

CGR Makes A Video Private Due To Negative Feedback About Patreon

Mark, of Classic Game Room, released yesterday another video acting as a “preview” for his patreon exclusive content and it was met, once again, with quite the backlash. His 2 minute preview videos that then ask people to donate on Patreon just aren’t cutting it, and people are calling him out on it.


Something I found amazing is that the fanboys seemed to not be able to make a fuss this time around, like last time. Perhaps they finally realized they were wrong about their oh so beloved content creator. At least, some of them kept their mouths shut and while no one was as outright hostile as before, they still wanted to defend Mark in this.

Once again, before we get going, I have to add the disclaimer that I like Classic Game Room and the content Mark creates. I simply think he is incredibly misguided and growing somewhat greedy with this, and his own content changing is more of an issue than YouTube ad revenue and such. If people aren’t watching your videos, you aren’t getting that revenue.

Anyway, on to this, the constant problem here is simple: Mark is wanting people to pay to see his “hyper cut” videos, which if you look at them yes, they would be his more professionally edited videos, but also are his more “normal” content, the types of reviews people come to the channel for. He isn’t making the videos visible via any other method than this, and that’s where objection comes: as I said before, they are permanently behind a paywall, and if you want to watch a video under this program, ever, you better be paying at that time.

An example of someone who doesn't comprehend the issue.

An example of someone who doesn’t comprehend the issue.

The current defense from those who feel mark can do no wrong is that “(Mark) says that these videos will go public shortly after their run on patreon” or some variation of that statement.

This is an absolute lie, and what I think the issue is is these people literally don’t read. At all.

As per Mark’s Patreon:

Patrons get full-length CGR REVIEWS (aka CGR HYPER)!! After a recent series of YouTube changes and content sweeps, my full length game reviews will only be available on Patreon (at all tiers), Amazon.com (2017) and in the CGR Supreme series of physical collections (2017)

The only thing here that indicates the videos will be available outside of Patreon directly is the amazon.com mention, which seems to refer to a video service that Amazon has opened up to content creators, one that is still designed as a pay-to-play service.

The following paragraph, however, is probably what the commenters are referring to:

When you back CGR on Patreon, you get the core CGR edited game reviews ad-free for 2 days before they post to the YouTube and Dailymotion websites. You get bonus content, access to the Patreon comments section and additional features like the CGR 2085 monthly podcast (at Podcaster Warrior tier and higher)!!

Okay, let’s look at this carefully: The phrasing is “core CGR edited game reviews (…) before they post to the YouTube and Dailymotion websites.” So, he is speaking of the “core reviews”, not hyper cuts. Mark is much like me being very distinct about what things are what, so no, he never says the hyper cut reviews are going to go on YouTube. Never.

Secondarily, if this was the case, the video that started all this drama, his “Firepower 2000” review for SNES, would be available in full by now on YouTube. It isn’t, and it will never be. Your idea is demonstrably invalid, guys.

On to the video itself, and it’s being made private on YouTube, Mark was seriously getting hate on this one, much like it was with the Firepower 2000 video. As a contrast, his other videos are still trending well, with only the normal troll hate. The fans are being fair about their criticism, and that’s what this is, actual valid criticism.

Mark, you have to stop this. You are alienating those who like your content just as much as those who pay to see it – the only difference between the two is literally ability to pay, or willingness to pay via a service like Patreon. Your fans treat this small fee (which it is small, no one will deny that) as something non-negotiable, and something no one should complain about.

It isn’t the cost, Mark, it’s the principle. The Alienation. People don’t like being excluded, and you are treating a group of fans as second class citizens with this. Stop, before you lose easily over half of your audience.

SHAMELESS PLUG TIME: This entire subject was covered on XadaraCast Episode 2. Check it out!

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