Feb 19 2017

Coming Soon: Even Better Site Organization

Right now on Xadara, if you want to find a particular article, or find what, if anything, I have written about something there are a few ways to do so which are common to all blogs – you can look through the categories, covering broad types of posts, you can check tags to see what I have tagged posts with (which are somewhat inconsistent as time has passed), or you can do a straight up text based search and see what you find, if anything. Of course, you also have suggested posts at the bottom of a page, but that’s a little random.

Voyager 2, for no reason. I just needed an image.

While some of the content I post is more time sensitive and news-like, other content is just as good 3 years from now as it is today. That being said, much like how my (amazingly neglected) reviews section is formatted, I’ll probably be doing the same for all of my major subjects and article types – Computer Chronicles videos will get their own sections, as will old NASA films, and other posts that follow a logical series or grouping. Reviews will branch out into more diverse groupings, but at the same time remain easy to look through and find what you want.

Basically, it will be something like every website you’ve ever been on that has a more complicated content structures and divisions, but done in that classic haphazard style that I have.

We will see what happens. I plan to have the changes started this upcoming week.

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