Nov 14 2017

Cygnus CRS OA-8 Safely Arrives At The International Space Station

Early this morning (incidentally, at the same time as a planned, but scrubbed, Delta II launch) the Cygnus cargo vehicle SS Gene Cernan, which was launched on Sunday, arrived at the International Space Station and was successfully berthed to the Station

This differs from docking in that Cygnus doesn’t attach itself to the Space Station, like Soyuz or Progress do – instead, it is grabbed by a robotic manipulator arm on the station and “put into position” so to speak at the berthing port. This is due to the design of the vehicles, which isn’t worth going into here. The end result is the same, of course – the two craft are connected and the cargo vehicle is accessible to the station crew.

Not much to say on it, things have gone as expected, but that’s always a good thing when it comes to space operations. The SS Gene Cernan will stay connected to the International Space Station until December.

As always, I’ve got video below worth checking out for those interested.

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