Dec 04 2017

Destiny 2 “Curse of Osiris” Expansion Launch Trailer

Tomorrow marks the launch of the first expansion to Destiny 2 entitled “Curse of Osiris.” Just like Destiny 1, this game is going to give us 2 small expansions to freshen up content over the next few months, and then it’s safe to say next fall, about a year after the launch of the base game we will get a larger, more in depth expansion and overhaul, the same as the original game got when The Taken King was released.

Curse of Osiris looks alright. At this stage, I know what to expect from a Destiny expansion – a story of some kind, some new areas, maybe, some re-use of old areas, maybe some new unique events, and a new strike or two and raid, all of the latter my antisocial self will never actually get around to.

This expansion is going to be a little better than those of Destiny 1, though, as this is supposed to be adding in the planet Mercury – it wasn’t until Taken King and Rise of Iron in Destiny 1 that we got completely new zones to explore, so this will at least give us a new area to memorize and do the same events day in, day out in.

Destiny is so formulaic though, that’s the real flaw in the game. It’s fun, but everything runs like clockwork which makes it kind of boring at times. Perhaps this expansion will freshen things up. In whatever case, time for me to exchange those rewards points I’ve been saving up and get the expansion pass.

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