Feb 05 2018

Diverse Interests And Opinions

One of the first things someone simply browsing this site would notice is probably a focus on a few very different subjects. While most websites seem to have a single theme about them, Xadara doesn’t. If you haven’t already read the description of the site, Xadara is, after all “a geeky little blog about nothing particular.”

There are patterns to what I share, of course – any  reader will know I’m going to share Space related stuff. I’m going to share something serious, maybe, in the news regarding tech or history, for sure. Filling things out are the articles I have the most fun with, but are probably the least serious – game reviews (whenever I finally get back to them,) various one off subjects like day to day happenings or random musings or the most (potentially) polarizing of subjects, me covering Angry Video Game Nerd episodes.

I point out the last subject on a matter of “maturity” in content, and how some people tend to correlate things. I’m fairly certain I wouldn’t need to explain this to anyone, but as you know, if you’re talking about anything serious one of the most common things people will do to try to disregard your comments is to look for personality flaws or some sort of “less serious” or “immature” interests, as if this somehow negates the points you make. A fine example is in this incident where a person failed (probably intentionally) to understand the difference between serious commentary and a joke. It’s an absurd proposition that, sadly, is all too common – people will look for the easiest way to disregard a statement made, without actually having to address it.

Xadara is an expression of my interests – an extension of myself online, for those who may find value in information, insight, or opinions that I provide. I happen to like a very wide range of subjects, some people may love, and some people might not care about. The aspects of those interests I choose to focus on might not be for everyone, but that’s fine – it’s all what I do like, and what I wish to share as a part of who I am and what I like. Everyone has diverse interests. Some people just choose their online focus to be one particular field. I say forget that – I’m going to write, make videos, or otherwise discuss what like and care about regardless of what it is. I always have, in one form or another, and I always will.

To disregard an opinion because someone has an interest in something unrelated that you dislike or find otherwise bad, as if you don’t have interests that others might not like? It’s a pathetic way to try to win an argument or otherwise shrug off someones points.

We’re all unique, all of us having things we like that others might find silly. I’m certain everyone reading this has something they love that they know others would laugh at if they spoke up about it. Some choose to share more of what they love than others, and that’s fine. Those thoughts or subjects shared, though, shouldn’t affect what someone thinks about other, unrelated opinions expressed by someone. I wouldn’t disregard the thoughts someone had on a film just because that person likes a band I don’t like, for example – the two things have nothing to do with one another.

Opinions should be taken on their own merit and the points brought up – nothing more, nothing less. Just because a previous article I write might be something you find stupid has no bearing on what the next more serious article says, and to use such as a method to disregard something you don’t agree with is quite the dishonest and rather petty thing to do.

I felt like getting that out of the way now because I know someone will try this very tactic in the near future. I tend to see these things coming, after all.


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