Dec 18 2016

EchoStar XIX Atlas V Launch Highlights

Another day, another launch it seems. A United Launch Alliance Atlas V booster (431 configuration) launched the Echostar 19 communications satellite today, marking the 68th Atlas V launch. Normally I would go on waxing poetically about the payload, the booster, and what have you, but this time, there isn’t anything to say that hasn’t been said. The Atlas V is a damn fine booster with an amazing success record.

I missed this launch live, but the launch highlights video was just released which, as usual, I’m sharing with you here. This is a particularly good one, showing off preparations at Launch Complex 41 (including showing the same train track path that the old Titan’s rolled to the pad on) while also containing awesome views of the launch itself. Each one gets better and better camera coverage, it seems!

That’s all I have to say. Enjoy the video, and if you need more info on Atlas V, look at my other articles below, and the wikipedia entry here.


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