Feb 14 2018

Every Ashens Valentines Day Special Video, Because Why Not?

Oh, look, it’s February 14th, Valentines Day. Hooray, or not, depending on who you are – you may love the day, or may not care much for it. In whatever case, I felt like it might be fun to share every Valentines Day Special video that one of my favorite YouTubers, Ashens, has done!

In these videos,Stuart Ashen shows off Valentines themed things he’s purchased from UK Pound stores  (the equivalent to the United States “Dollar Store” concept of items sold at values around 1 Dollar (or one Pound, in this case.))

Naturally, it’s cheap, almost garbage tat that is more hilariously pathetic or absurd than anything else! Some items are just pathetic, but others, they really have you wondering just who thought this was a good idea to sell in the store.

No special commentary here, I just felt like sharing these for the sake of it – enjoy!

(Also, yes, there is no 2014 video –  he didn’t do one that year due to a lack of good items to do a video on.)

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