Nov 20 2013

An Extended Vacation, You Could Say…

It’s been a month since my last post to Xadara. Over a month really. I’m normally not one to post much, but to have no new content in almost 5 weeks is odd, even for me. This article basically serves to at least freshen up the front page of my site, as well as to at least answer some possible questions on just what has been going on the past month.

Basically, an unplanned vacation.

Not to say I didn’t plan out some vacation time: I did. Didn’t do anything noteworthy during that week, but a friend from out of town did come by for a few days, as she conveniently had vacation around the same time. Thing is, during this vacation, I still did my normal online activities. The same stuff that is basically work for me, as well as pleasure. So, in a way, I never actually rested.

It would seem funny to think that sitting at home gaming, watching videos, and just generally doing nothing would be some kind of work for me, but, as anyone can tell from the content on this website, everything I do, I decide if it’s worth writing about, or making a video on. My mind is constantly running with possible project ideas based on everyday things I do.

So, while Xadara itself hasn’t had an update in a month, other aspects of my online presence have been more active than normal. I have finally started more work on my YouTube channel, producing and uploading a series of rant videos about Guild Wars 2, with plans for other games in the future. (honestly, Guild Wars 2, one of my favourite games, has become so stressful to play that I have actually spent weeks off and on avoiding the game all together!) There are also other video projects with a friend of mine, and just more general one-off productions when I feel the urge.

I have become a little more active in the retro gaming community, especially on twitter. It’s an old haven of mine, which I have been separated from for far too long. Not that I want to just change my blog over to some generic retro gaming site, but I might publish more content relating to what I love.

That’s really the thing, isn’t it? Blogging is supposed to be about what you’re passionate about; what things you love. For me, it’s a varied mash of generally “geeky” things, like old video games, science fiction, anime, computers, and all other random mess. It might seem like chaos, but that chaos is who I am. It’s what I do, and how I enjoy my time.

I hope to get more content on the site. I always say that, but it’s always true. I just never get around to posting much. However, if I can focus on what I like, rather than what I think people will want to read, I should have more fun writing, and not take such long breaks from any updates. Those who want to read what I have to say will come, and those who aren’t interested in what I want to say, why would I cater to what they want to read? I make virtually no money from this site, or any of my online efforts. They are simply something I do for fun, that might one day work out to become a good income source. For now, though, I will create for creations sake.


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