Oct 07 2017

Fanbases And Hype Machines – Szechuan Sauce

Last night I wrote an article that was (intentionally) way longer than it needed to be about McDonald’s sauce.The article is both serious and satirical. Serious in that my statements are what I actually think on the subject, but satirical in that the article is taking something pointless way too seriously. It’s just some sauce people want, that’s all.

Let’s Talk About That McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce

The point of the article though is why people want the sauce. Because it was in the cartoon Rick and Morty. People only want the sauce because it was mentioned in the show – in the time between the promotion ending in 1998 and the first episode of Season 3 of Rick and Morty, I heard not a single mention of that sauce. I thought about it only in passing when I saw actual Szechuan sauces at stores or as menu options when ordering at Asian restaurants. Otherwise, it never came to mind, because it was nothing special – just a promotion tied in witht he Disney film Mulan.

Yet right now, as I write this, people are lined up outside select McDonalds across the country for a chance – just a chance – to get one packet of the sauce. It’s being made available as a part of a limited promotion for some new “Buttermilk Crispy Tenders.” Of course, the sauce has been produced in very limited quantities, and thus the fans of the show who want it are lining up in droves, for just the chance to get the sauce.

I’ve noticed a trend that those who are so hyped over this sauce never had it when it was available, mainly because many of them are simply too young – they were born in the mid 90’s or later, after the sauce was available. They want it because they never experienced it, which is fine enough, until you think about it: you can buy the sauce at nearly any decent grocery store, and it will probably taste better. This isn’t some unique substance, it’s just another flavor of McDonalds sauce. There actually isn’t anything special about this stuff!

If it wasn’t mentioned in Rick and Morty, seriously, you wouldn’t care. That simple. Now, if you get some, or want some, am I telling you not enjoy it, or try to obtain it? No, do whatever you want. What I am saying is, think about why you want it. If someone random told you about it, in passing, would you care? Probably not, I’d say.

I, for one, didn’t like it when I had the chance in 1998 to try it. Such sauces aren’t for me, but they may be fore you. Still, you can buy it anywhere, so waiting in line (or obsessing over it in general) is just pointless to me…

It’s only because it was mentioned in Rick and Morty that you care, and McDonalds is using this hype to its advantage.

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