Feb 05 2018

Fans Riot On The Streets Of Philadelphia Because Their Team Won The Super Bowl. Yes, Seriously.

I didn’t think I’d have to do a follow up to yesterdays article regarding sports, but here I am. This actually somewhat works as a fine follow up to the earlier article today on differing interests and opinions, too, but I’ll get into that.

Regarding the Super Bowl last night, apparently the Philadelphia Eagles won against the New England Patriots. Go for them, I guess?

Right, so, normally, the hometown of the team that loses gets upset, but for some reason that’s not the case. Instead, citizens of Philadelphia apparently rioted, I guess as a form of celebration, in response to their hometown team winning.

Yep. That makes a lot of sense. Let’s destroy our home town because our sportsball team was declared better than the other in this event.

I bring this up in relation to my other article today because, this is somehow, in some way, acceptable? No, of course not, but this happens time and time again as a result of sports events (more often in areas where Soccer (You know, the real Football, not American Football) is popular) and it very clearly is a direct result of the very nature of sports competitiveness – you have people getting super worked up, this tribal allegiance based around conflict causing them to act incredibly primitive, in this case by tearing up their own home town!

Yet video games are seen as immature? Oh yeah, people will do some stupid shit with gaming, but this is usually a one off case of someone who on their own does something stupid – with this, you have thousands of people all running on a herd mentality, wrecking stuff just because they can!

It’s so bad that cities have begun greasing street light poles and taking other preventative measures to attempt to at least lessen the damage caused by these events. Yeah, they are so regular they are expected to happen!

You know what would help  with that? How about we downplay sporting events. Period. If we stop treating them as far more important than they are, perhaps people won’t be as likely to tear apart their own communities as a result of them winning the “big game.”

Seriously, how in the fuck is this seen as acceptable to any degree? Don’t say it isn’t because clearly the lack of any attempt to relegate sports to a less serious thing in the average American life proves it’s an acceptable side effect of a hobby that is seen as “normal and mature.”

Yep. Normal and mature to be so worked up over steroid pumped men tossing around a sack of air that you riot in the streets doing millions of dollars of property damage.

Give me a fucking break….

Of course, not everyone is doing this – most people are sane and do enjoy the events in a proper way, and that’s cool. Enjoy, hope you had fun with the game, but damn,a good chunk clearly have zero sense.


…and now, back to your regularly scheduled blogging.

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