Jan 24 2017

February 2017 Xbox Live Games With Gold

Feburary, the shortest month of the year. Still, more games are coming to you free with a Gold subscription on Xbox Live (and seriously, what adult Xbox gamer doesn’t have an active live subscription?) This months list doesn’t look the best, but we’ll go over each game one by one and see how they stack up.

Let’s begin.

Xbox One:

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

Another 4 player party kind of game eh? It looks interesting enough, I guess, but I imagine this will be a “one and done” title that many people try, but few keep up with. Who knows, I could be mistaken – I often am with some of these games.

Project Cars

Oh boy, another racing game. Just what I wanted, right? Okay no, I’m not fan of racing games. Some of them can be good, but honestly they feel more like clones of each other than even fighting games. Again, that’s just me – you may feel differently and that’s fine, but I’m growing a little tired of racing titles in my free games list.

Xbox 360:

Monkey Island 2 Special Edition

Oh, look, another one of those modern remasters of classic PC point and click adventure games. While I love the idea of the genre, I just can’t ever bring myself to play these. Still, I’d rather have them than racing games, if I had to pick, so there’s at least that going for it, I guess? I know it’s regarded a good game, but again, not necessarily my cup of tea.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Okay, here we go, certainly the top title here. While I’ve heard some people generally disregard the Force Unleashed games as poor compared to the older Knights of the Old Republic series, I’m still expecting this to be a hell of a fun time, and it certainly should be the game I play most from this batch.


And that’s that. Not the best list from the looks of it, but who knows – some of these might be more fun than they look. I really just need to sit down and play more games. Happy gaming everyone!

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