Jun 17 2016

First Look at Titanfall 2 Single Player and Multiplayer Trailers

Make no mistake about it, I genuinely enjoy Titanfall. I’m a fan of mechs as is, and to have a FPS that is mech based was a great idea. Titanfall had massive hype, but sad to say, to the masses, it didn’t deliver. While being multiplayer only, usually a bane to my enjoyment of a game, I generally had fun with it, feeling the overall play style that the game was based around suited me quite well. I could have fun with this game, for the most part, and while it had issues in balancing teams, in most matches i felt that everything was fair, and fun.

Here we are now, in 2016, with Titanfall 2 on the horizon. Naturally, it looks to build upon what was established in the original game, taking advantage of feedback as well as throwing new ideas where applicable into the mix. Multiplayer looks to have even more intense combat, with varying new abilities such as a grappling hook, pilot warps, gravity grenades (at least, that’s the best way I can describe these things) among even more awesome attacks from player Titans. It looks a treat to me, at least.

Titanfall 2

The biggest thing though is that Titanfall 2 is going to feature a single player campaign. This is awesome, as it will give us not only something to do that doesn’t involve other people (like I have said before, I prefer single player experiences) but also this will allow us to get to know more about the universe of Titanfall by following someones personal story. I personally really am curious about all of these planets players are fighting on, what their history is, what is the story of humans colonizing space, and what are the reasons for this seemingly galactic war going on?

Oh, the gameplay. Right. That looks awesome. Again, though, these are just trailers and the real product will certainly vary, but if the game plays as well as the first, I’ll be happy. I keep my expectations realistic, but I do have high hopes for this release.

Anyway, it’s video time. Enjoy!

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