Mar 07 2017

Game Player’s Gametape – Super Mario Bros. 2

Ah, Super Mario Bros. 2. A classic game, beloved by many. Not so much me – while I don’t hate the game, it honestly isn’t one I’m super fond of, or enjoy playing much. Still, it’s one hell of a game, with one hell of a story behind it.

I’m not here to talk about the history of the game, or all that mess. No, far from it. I’m here to share this lovely video from back in the NES days of gaming. It spends 45 minutes providing a somewhat loose walk-through of the game with tips and tricks along the way.

Well, it tries to provide tips and tricks. While some advice is sound, other advice is more of a joke than anything else – telling you to do something that isn’t the best, or suggesting something, only to show the person on screen fail miserably at this action. The gameplay shown is somewhat iffy for what should be demonstrated to go along with such advice, and all in all the video has some odd production about it – this is a hallmark of these videos, but it really shows in this once since this is a full 45 minute tape covering the game.

In whatever case, enjoy, as always. More to come soon enough.

UPDATE: The original account that I sourced these videos from has since been closed by its owner. While I have found other video sources, this one WAS missing, but amazingly has been found on, out of all the other possible uploads from the original channel I found it on, so, enjoy!

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