Apr 12 2017

Game Player’s Gametape Vol.1 No. 2

It’s time for another Game Players magazine Gametape, the circa 1990 video tape series that told you, well, quite a bit about how to best play many NES games. Corny as ever, this tape covers Ninja Gaiden (pronounced correctly, to boot!), Mega Man 2, Bad Dudes, Amagon, and lastly Air Wolf.

The video skips some important information in Ninja Gaiden, really skirts around levels in Mega Man 2, and while not terrible, the series still wasn’t touching on the best games at this time, save for the first 2.

Still, advice on how to play these games, from back when they were the new, can be helpful to the classic game player who needs all the advice they can get on just how to get past those really odd parts in those obscure NES games that no one really plays.

Hey, retrogaming is a hobby. An odd one, but still, a hobby nonetheless! Enjoy!

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