May 09 2017

Game Player’s Gametape Vol. 1 No. 3

Getting back to the Game Players magazine Gametapes, we now hit volume 3, which is actually the 4th tape we’re covering here (5th if you count the “Power Glove” tape we covered many months ago). In this tape, we get hints for the NES games Castlevania 2: Simon’s Quest, P.O.W., Strider, Thundercade, and WWF Wrestlemania, as well as get some game and accessory commercials between segments.

Starting off we have a ton of cyrptic mess in Castlevania 2. Wait, didn’t we cover this  in an Angry Video Game Nerd episode? We sure did, and this video does a fine job showing you just some of the elements that James was talking about when he covered the game in that first AVGN episode, from 2004 which, ironically, is about 15 years after this tape was made. Funny how things come full circle.

P.O.W looks to get some solid coverage of key points in levels, as does the next game, Strider. Thundercade, well, it’s… a game, and I would imagine the tips in here prove useful, but honestly the game looks like a barely-playable mess. Of course we get the oh-so-beloved slow-mo here, so get ready for that headache as you watch.

Lastly, we have some good old wrestling action with the not-so-good, but still loved by older gamers classic, WWF Wrestlemania. You just have to know what you’re doing in this game, but the tips here at least, I think, make sense – I don’t know, I’ve barely played this one, but I at least know it more than I do something like Thundercade!

Another Game Tape. Nothing super special, but also nothing to ignore in these oh-so-awesome slices of gaming history here in the US.


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