Gaming With Chris

As one can tell via this websites content, I am an avid gamer. While I don’t play all the time, I do enjoy the hobby and try to game when I have the time to. I tend to prefer single player experiences, but in today’s gaming environment, you can’t help but have to play online from time to time. Some games I hate to play online, but others, I actually like.

To that end, here is a short list of gaming contact methods, and some games I wouldn’t mind playing with fans. Protip: Just let me know who you are in a message when you try to add me as a friend, that way I know who you are, okay?

Xbox Live: Kurisu Yamato

Games (incomplete list)
Halo: Master Chief Collection
Titanfall (Xbox One and Xbox 360)
Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox One primarily, but also Xbox 360 if need be)

These are the main games you can find me playing online, but there are tons more. Look at my profile to see what I play.

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