Jun 04 2016

Gearing Up For E3 2016

Next weekend is going to be a big one for the gaming world; this years Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, the largest event in the gaming world, will be occurring in Los Angeles. I’m not one for hype… gaming hype especially is often the key thing ruining a game experience for many, but with the gaming world evolving the way it is, this is going to be a year to pay attention to. This year won’t just focus on new games for the current generation, but considering all the rumors circulation of “upgraded” versions of the current consoles, and the upcoming Nintendo NX, this is going to be an E3 to pay attention to.

( Forgive the scattered nature of this article, but this is another one of those cases where I write as I think. Enjoy! )

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of great games coming in the next year that will be announced here, but new hardware, and how the companies try to one up each other, is going to be the most important thing to pay attention to. The hardware dictates what games made will be like, and the games for the system are the reason to buy the system.

That does make sense, right? You buy it for the games, but the games need to take advantage of everything the system can do, which means making the best game system possible. They rely on each other in a strange symbiosis.

The E3 Logo, presented here to break text. Enjoy!

The E3 Logo, presented here to break text. Enjoy!

Anyway, E3 is a major showcase event regardless, and gives the masses a look at what to expect over the next year with a heavy focus on the holiday season releases. September, October and November tend to see the release of most major game titles, and these tend to be the holiday best sellers. These are what most people pay attention to, but not so much me. I actually pay more attention to how people react about such, and how the never ending console wars between fans play out.

Really, if you ever look at the comments surrounding E3 last year, the comments were some of the most absurd things I have read gaming wise in quite some time, with people claiming X or Y was “killing it” (whatever that means) when virtually all the announcements last year were pretty boring: Microsoft focused on the new Xbox One interface, and Halo 5, while Sony basically announced random games, many of which aren’t even going to be PlayStation exclusive! *yawn*

Rumors abound up upgraded PS4 and Xbox One consoles on the horizon!

Rumors abound up upgraded PS4 and Xbox One consoles on the horizon!

My focus this year will simply be, as it has always been, to judge each announcement on its own merit, and see how it will affect the gaming industry on a whole, if at all. This will include my personal thoughts, yes, but I will also look at everything I can objectively, rather than subjectively, to maintain balance in my final decisions.

When E3 hits, I’m going to be writing more than probably any other time in this sites history (which, oddly enough, these past few months have been the most active I have ever been, due to a change in my views on blogging and YouTube) and even though that I will try to put out alternate articles for events I see fitting beyond E3. I have a massive backlog of things to write about, and I will try to crank those thoughts out as as I can.


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