Jun 28 2016

Halo 5 is Free for the Next Week

Interesting enough to me, it looks like Halo 5 is going to be free for the next week for Xbox Live Gold members to play and enjoy! During this week, the game will also be on sale for half price, which, at $30 USD, isn’t bad at all for the amount of content being added to the game.

The reason is, well, new content being added into the game! New Warzone content is being added, and with this looking to be the largest Halo 5 update so far, it looks like Microsoft and 343 Studios are celebrating in a big way.


I don’t have Halo 5, and while I would love to try it out during this, odds are I would never get the game downloaded soon enough to truly enjoy this free trial. Yeah, I could pick up the game, but I’ll get around to that sometime later in the year, probably – I’m still finally working my way through Halo 4, and I already have far too many Xbox One games waiting on my system that need my attention anyway.

Still, I thought it would be worthwhile to share this info with my readers because you never know. No word on when exactly the game will be free to try, but when it happens, well, it should be a fun time!

Current Xbox Live Gold members should see Halo 5 in their “ready to install” section of My Games and Apps on their Xbox One consoles.




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