Apr 11 2014

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

A few days ago, I wrote my first article for this website in 2 months. 2 solid months of no activity here, on my website.  The question someone would ask, of course, is why? What happened?

Much of nothing would be a way to describe the past few months. A few things have changed in my life, and I took some time away from this site. It isn’t for lack of wanting to write, although writers block and depressive states still attack me. No, it’s really just an odd desire to avoid the website, and work on some of the other projects I have.

I always want to do as much as possible, but my creativity, as much of it as there is, can only be tapped so much before I experience burnout. What can I do though? What I can, I guess. I mean, that is obvious, but really, I can’t argue with myself, or make myself do more than what I feel at the time. That would result in work that isn’t up to par, and the last thing I want to do is release an article, a video, or anything that I don’t think is ready for others to see.

I would like to post more regularly, certainly more often that a few times a month, but what is there to write about? I could easily share content such as my YouTube work, but it doesn’t fit with the environment I have set up for the website.

See, at my core, I am more of a gamer than anything else. I’m not a guy who would be obsessive with every new release for PS4 or Xbox one, but I am the kind of guy who loves to discuss older gaming of all types. I really want to move Xadara.com into that direction, but I also don’t want to eliminate the content I normally do write about.

Basically, I’m at a crossroads with this site, which is supposed to be a focal point for all my work. Instead, if you didn’t know me, you could barely tell it was connected to me beyond things like the space related posts in previous months.

I really don’t know… I don’t want to spam Triberr with video game content, but I don’t want to not share my content as wide as possible. It’s a complex situation, as silly as people perceive such as…

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