Oct 07 2017

History Of Horror Films – Cinemassacre Monster Madness

Back in 2007 for his annual Monster Madness series, James Rolfe decided to do a history of horror films, that being his preferred genre of movies; something he’s quite passionate about.

A decade late, James has recompiled his original 31 reviews into one 53 minute marathon video covering everything – at least, everything important.

It’s all here, Frankensteins Monster, The Wolf Man, Dracula, The Blob, Freddy, Jason, Psycho, Evil Dead, if it made some kind of impact to the horror movie scene, James at least touches on it.

There isn’t much to say – the video speaks for itself, and I figured it was worth sharing. I enjoy James’ passion for horror films, even if I’m not as much of fan of them as he is. I still enjoy hearing his thoughts and analysis on the films because, he knows what he’s talking about, or at the very least is passionate as all hell about it.

Grab some coffee, turn down the lights, and enjoy!

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