Jun 12 2017

How I’m Going To Do E3 Game Coverage

The major element of E3 is the games. Last year, I only covered a few major games and let the rest come and go as it was. This year, I plan on covering many many more games, over the next week or so – easily probably 20 different games are certainly worth me at least giving my first thoughts on the games that catch my interest or are otherwise “worth” my time to cover.

Random Xbox 360 Games to make this article look less boring!

This may become quite a flood of entries, but eh, when else will I have a good time to talk this much about upcoming games? Strike while the iron is hot, or at least while it’s still warm in my case. I’ve got plenty to say on quite a bit of the past announcements, so, let’s see what happens.

Tonight I’ll start with the very first entries, and tomorrow probably go full force. Again, please excuse the flood, but E3 is the only time of year I can really do this!

As always, enjoy!

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