Jun 14 2017

I Ran Into A *Slight* Problem With My Article Planning This Week

So, I was planning to spend the past day, and the next few days cranking out everything I could stand to on E3 and the announcements – as you could see, I was off to a good start then took a break. There’s a reason for that beyond just needing a big of rest…

I actually reached a post limit on a site I use to share my articles.

This site, Triberr, is the source of a good portion of “casual” traffic to the site, and has helped immensely in getting my content out there. It’s a site where you share people’s content, and they are apt to share yours – pretty simple, really, and it’s the source of all the “odd” posts you will see on my Twitter feed – I like IT stuff, tech news, random blogging and business ideas, pretty much all that stuff you see me share I feel is interesing enough to help spread, or at least deserves to be seen by more people – after all, it’s helpful, I would think, for the most part, and if it doesn’t do any harm, why not throw a dozen posts in my stream that are a little odd, if at least one person reads the content, then I’ve helped out that blogger.

In any case, one *slight* problem is that you can only import up to 14 posts a week – I don’t know if this is a rolling week period or from X day to X day of each week, but the fact remains the last 2 articles I wrote on games for E3 still haven’t actually shown to be shared… and that’s a little annoying, to say the least.

I’ll work around it. Hell, this entry is something of a test – if THIS posts, then I know the older articles are being skipped, and I’ll just need to refresh them in the Triberr system after a while. If it doesn’t post, then I have probably just used up today’s post, but that also means as the week passes the articles should start to show, in which case, I have no problem.

Either way, I planned to take a break after the E3 posts, so this just gives me reason to “slow down” the feed, so to speak… that, or just watch as articles creep in over the next week or so. Hah!

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