Jun 29 2016

I Will be at Anime Blues Con 6 for 1 Day Only

This Saturday, July 2nd, I will be at Anime Blues Con 6 here in Memphis, Tennessee, to host my panel for this year, entitled “So You Want To Be a Video Game Collector.” This will be the 3rd year I will have presented at Anime Blues Con, and also be the first year which I will have not gone all 3 days. There are many reasons for this, but it basically boils down to I have a little too much going on that I need to do to be able to take the full vacation that I normally would for the weekend of Anime Blues.

I’m not even going to lie that I am almost relieved about this: Conventions take an incredible amount of energy to attend, and since food tends to be scarce at these things (or rather expensive, since this convention takes place in Downtown Memphis) I tend to fuel myself on snacks and energy drinks, which leaves me quite worse for wear after 3 (or in the case of last year, 4 days) of convention chaos!


Don’t get me wrong, I really do love the scene, but losing 5-10 lbs of weight over a weekend isn’t healthy, nor is it fun to have as much down time as I do at these things. You can never quite seem to get good time with your friends at these things either, so it’s hard to adequately fill this down time between events or things you might want to do, so limiting all this to one day, when I know everyone will be there, will do best.

Back to focusing on my panel though, it will be exactly what it sounds like – me focusing on my hobby of video game collecting and sharing all the wisdom and knowledge I have gained on the subject over the years. Of course, I plan on filming the panel, as I did my “History of Video Games” panel from last year.

The funny thing is, I have no actual work done on the panel as I type this. I’m quite certain I’m going to go for a more ad-lib approach than previous years, letting people watching ask questions and get involved. I’ve got notes and a plan, for sure, but the visual portion and the overall progression of the presentation, that needs to be worked out, asap.

Otherwise, I plan on having a fun day catching up with some friends, and seeing what may be the last (as a full group) presentation from some amazing friends of mine in the Lolita fashion scene.

In the unlikely, but still possible event you who are reading this happen to be there, find me and say hi.

Oh, and as an aside, if this week is light on the content for Xadara, well, you know why. 😉


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