Apr 16 2012

Is the Mac Pro dead?

So, for yet another year, rumor around the internet is that Apple is finally going to kill off the Mac Pro computer line.

It’s the same story as previous years: Apple has not said anything major about any changes to the Pro line, when compared to the typical overhauls done every season to the other computer lines.

Of course, each year that this rumor pops up, the Mac Pro never leaves the Apple website. However, the system hasn’t recieved any real configuration changes in at least two years, while the technology in their other machines has constantly received tweaks and updates to match with cutting edge hardware designs. Lets just say the Nehalem processors and Radeon 5770’s are starting to show their age compared to the guts of their other machines; including even the new iPad.

Now, granted, I don’t own anything Apple beyond my iPod Classic, and I have no real interest in owning any system, but I do have a soft spot for the Mac Pro line, for one reason: It’s the only thing Apple offers that resembles a standard computer; a Desktop PC.

The system is very easy to upgrade, has an amazing amount of space for expansion, and is generally just a powerhouse machine that can easily grow in comparison to the iMac or Macbook Pro lines. Add in that I just honestly like the way the machine looks, and well, while that shouldn’t affect my opinions, it does: who doesn’t want their computer to look awesome, right?

I would hope that Apple is just waiting around, and planning a major upgrade to the machines in the near future. Not that the current system design is anything bad, but as I said earlier, it is just slightly dated compared to everything else.

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