May 24 2016

June 2016 Xbox Live Games With Gold

Many gamers felt the Games with Gold offerings in May 2016 were sub par. Even I felt they were rather hit and miss, but I never turn down a chance for free games, and I always look forward to what the next month will offer – you never know when a random game will become a favorite, after all!

For the month of June, we are looking at another 4 titles, 2 for Xbox One, and 2 for the Xbox 360, which, as always, will be playable on the Xbox One. That means another 4 free games this month, and the list looks quite promising for Xbox One gamers this time around. Let’s get to it!

Xbox One

Goat Simulator

Goat Simulator is one of those games that bases it’s existence off of a crazy, almost absurd idea; in this case, the idea that you are a goat, doing goat things. Well, sort of. The game has a more crazy nature to it, like most “simulator” games (which often times actually intentionally don’t simulate something accurately.) This however makes for quite the fun little adventure, and when the game was originally released people were all over it! Of course, the fad has somewhat subsided, but as someone who has never had a chance to play it yet, this should be quite the fun experience.

The Crew

The Crew was a pretty well hyped game when it was launched – a racing game which told a story isn’t a new concept, but it also isn’t anything overdone. Due to the requirements of always being online, and some other nuances some players disliked, the game somewhat fell by the wayside as other racing titles have come along, but there is still a group that enjoys it, and with new players getting the game for free I’m sure it will get the kick in the pants it deserves in popularity. I look forward to trying it out, but like I have said before, racing games aren’t my strong point, and often are play once and never touch again type titles for me. We will see, though, won’t we?

Xbox 360

Super Meat Boy

Super Meat Boy is highly regarded as a modern classic, and in some ways was one of the games that really put the “modern retro” game into the limelight – it’s a classic platformer, but it is quite modern, and many players back in it’s release days compared it to the feel of the classic 8 and 16 bit games we grew up on, but of course much more punishing in difficulty.

While I have the game on the PC, via Steam, I have never actually played it, so maybe I will give it a shot before it’s release to Games With Gold. At least then I will know what I am in for!

Xcom: Enemy Unknown

The Xcom series has quite the cult following.  This is yet another game series I have never played before, but it looks like a fun strategy series. This particular entry for the Xbox 360, from what I have heard, is considered a good entry, so whenever I do decide to check it out I should be please with the turn-based alien blasting action! I am a fan of strategy and tactical type games, even if I sometimes am not very good at them.


There we go, the June Games with Gold list! It looks to be a promising lineup. Of course, all games are redeemable on either the Xbox One or the 360, and via the Games with Gold website – there is no reason not to at least redeem the titles and check them out later, if you wish!


Happy gaming everyone!

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