Jul 31 2016

Learn to Read Between The Lines

All too often I’m put into arguments that are absolutely pointless simply because someone else is too lazy to use simple context clues  and understand what the point being made actually is. The end result is someone arguing a strawman of your position, rather than the actual statement you are making. Yes, this is a bit of venting because, I need it. You probably do too. Someone’s got to say what we are all thinking.

It’s honestly a stupid position to even come up – especially when someone explains point blank exactly what the point being made actually is, and the other person still insists on arguing down whatever they see as the issue.


Example: You mention disliking something that happened at your job, but could happen anywhere; the other person treats the complaint as if it is about your job, rather than the situation itself, and even after you explain that it’s the principle of what happened, not that it did happen, and that it could have happened anywhere and still been an issue, you still have the other person insisting it’s an issue that is your fault.

At that point, and I’m just going to say it, the other person isn’t listening and needs to shut the fuck up.

“Reading between the lines”, as it is called, is a skill involving understanding meaning that is not explicitly stated, but is implied via a logical look at the idea being expressed. It’s a basic skill in human communication. I am not responsible for you understanding what is said, and if the meaning is explained to you, then argue the explicit point and not what you “think” is the point.

I will block people stupid enough to try to strawman me. You should too!

I will block people stupid enough to try to strawman me. You should too!

It’s not a hard concept, but apparently most people out there just don’t have a fucking clue. I for one have no interest in entertaining anyone’s strawman arguments. I’ve dealt with enough of that over the years, as I’m certain many of us have.

Learn to read between the lines. End of story.

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  1. This times 1000, there’s been so may times when I’ve said something only to have a person read it wrong which would cause an argument if I didn’t simply block after they don’t understand the first/second time. There are even people idiotic enough that they do the opposite of reading between the lines and think you’re saying something unbelievably different than what you actually are.

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