Jun 12 2017

Let The E3 2017 Coverage Begin!

Just because I’m “not excited for E3” doesn’t mean the news presented at the event doesn’t excite me! It certainly does, and had you read that previous article carefully you would have seen the point is the information, not the event itself – the event is archaic, but the news shared isn’t.

No, I’m Not Excited For E3 2017

To that end, just like E3 2016, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on things of interest. I’m going to try to keep articles slim, save where I have some major stuff to say – I’ll try to cover more games than I did last year, and while it’s going to be quite difficult given my shift to the Xbox brand several years ago, I will try to pay some attention to what Sony says about the Playstation game wise or system wise… that is, if anything interests me. I cannot help if I just am not interest in the systems or many of the games, people are unique and have their preferences, just like you wouldn’t like some of what I like, it goes both ways.

To that end, I’ll address what I cover on its own merits, and let that be that – take it for what you will, as always. Don’t let my opinion necessarily change your mind or somehow super offend you – that’s not my intention, I simply “call em as I see em”, and let others know what I think for whatever value it is for them.

That being said, here comes E3 2017!

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