Mar 30 2016

Let’s Get Real With This Blog

I’ve written for this website for several years now. I’ve run this website, in various forms, for over a decade. As it stands, is primarily just a blog with a focus on gaming, general technology, and social media commentary. That’s fine, that’s the kind of stuff I like, but I find myself only writing a few articles a month. I also find myself censoring what I have to say because of some magical fear of offending someone.

This isn’t how I live my life, though. On every other social media outlet, I say exactly what I have to think, within reason, and in person, you better believe I will tell you exactly what I think about something; about anything. Why not here?

Perhaps a major part of this is Triberr, the blogger focused content sharing site that I’ve been fond of for the past few years. It serves as a great way for me to get content shared, but it makes me want to write such content that people will want to share it by default. The end result? A few articles a month about things that may or may not be interesting to most people. Yeah, it’s still fully my thoughts, and I don’t much censor what I think, but there are so many articles that I don’t write simply because, for some reason, I fear the reaction (or the lack thereof) to such content.


Yes, I took this photo.

Xadara costs me a nice chunk of change per year, and I never feel I take full advantage of the server and the domain. I’ve had a community here before, and I’m in the works to revive such. That’s cool, but my usage of the internet has evolved as time has passed, and I want to have a central spot to share my thoughts, and created content. I do a quite a bit of content on YouTube, but you wouldn’t know that looking here. I rarely ever crosslink my content, because, it’s of the crass, rough nature that I like to express myself in. Direct, honest, and uncensored. You would honestly think, though, with the amount of content I do produce, that I wouldn’t care, as it’s already out there. You would think I would just go on and share it here, but alas, I don’t.

There is a very popular blog I like to read from time to time, known as Seattle Rex. It’s done by a guy, named Rex who lives in Seattle. Makes sense, right? I love the kinds of stuff he writes about, which boils down to whatever the hell is on his mind. He says what he thinks about whatever he wants to talk about, and people love it. I don’t even know how I stumbled across the blog, but I did, and I can’t help but love it.

That’s what blogs are for. That’s what websites are for. Even now, in 2016, blogs have a strong user base behind them. Even though I’m active on YouTube, there are many ideas I don’t want to share there, and vice versa. There are other things that are best shared in a video form, rather than as an article. Not to mention the fact that a blog, while getting less traffic in some regards, is also less likely to get trolled or generally hated on; intelligent conversation tends to result more often than just straight out idiocy, so, I find myself more likely to share more heated content in a written form.


This is also a photo I took.

While the older attitude I had to my writing, trying to be “professional” about it was good, it was too limiting. I would simply avoid writing some articles because of how I felt people would take them. I’ve always wanted to just write what I feel like, to say what I want to, but there was always that limitation. It’s time to throw that entire idea out the window though, and just do what I want to do.

I don’t know, I’m typing in a stream of thought right now, basically saying I don’t care anymore. This is the point where I am taking over, saying exactly what I think about everything I feel like discussing. It’s funny when people online, total strangers in some cases, care more about what you have to say than your close friends do.

The point is, I want this site to better reflect me, my thoughts, and my creations. Photos, videos, articles, shared content from others, commentary on said content, it’s all coming in full force, the way it always should have been.

Yes, this is yet another photo I took.

Yes, this is yet another photo I took.

If you like it, stick around. I promise more is to come. If you don’t like it, then that’s fine too. Don’t share it, don’t read it, but I’ll be damned if the fear of someone not liking something I will do is going to stop me from doing what exactly I want to do.


Let’s do this.

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