Jun 09 2016

Looks Like I Spoke Too Soon About McJuggerNuggets

Just a few days ago I wrote about the end of the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel. At that time, it did indeed seem like he wasn’t going to make any more videos, until today, where a new one randomly popped up. At the end of his last video, before revealing the entire “Psycho Series” and the majority of his related vlog work the past few years was all a massive skit (as was presumed by most people anyway due to the nature of the videos) and saying he wasn’t going to do this (film) anymore.

It was surprising to see a new video pop up in my subscription box. Once the series ended, I was actually a little upset – yeah, I knew like any adult would that the series was fake, but it was genuinely enjoyable for me. Not just the content, but the fact that Jesse Ridgway is, honestly, quite the skilled actor and writer.

Now, some people will disagree with me – that’s fine, we all have our opinions when it comes to movies, TV, and thh the like, but I genuinely enjoy his content style. Even his older skits, from before the Psycho Series, while not reflecting his more matured, refined skills, have promise far beyond what most people will put on YouTube, and back to the Psycho Series, the videos were actually really intense, and Jesse’s acting ability shown best when he would get incredibly upset. His whole family pulled off some elements quite well and while some portions clearly were staged, other events, taken on their own, could easily be confused as real to the unknowing person.

This new video has Jesse waking up, seemingly with Amnesia, in a small field in Switzerland with his brother filming him. I don’t quite know why he is in his underwear, but that’s not important – it looks like he wants to continue to film his style of videos, even though he is, presumably, on vacation right now, while also heading soon to California to begin working on other projects.

Considering he will not be able to do anything quite as “wild” as the Psycho Series, it makes me wonder what he could do to keep viewers attention this time. Whatever he does, if it interests me, I’ll watch it. If not, then like many other YouTubers, I’ll pass it by. What can I say, I have an odd taste in what I like to watch.

No, I won’t focus on him more beyond this – It was just worth writing this article as a follow up to my last one, for obvious reasons. Plus, this articles get good traction, so why not write one more?

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